This is by far the easiest and fastest solution we offer homeowners looking to sell fast, through Luvanex Holdings. We work with a variety of investors who are prepared to make you cash offers simply because they want to purchase your home. We’ll send a company representative to you within 48hrs of contact and if your property meets our criteria, you’ll receive a cash offer within 24hrs. You’ll be able to close fairly quickly (within 10-30days given no title issues) without having to worry about expensive repairs . You’ll also avoid expensive commissions and fees and Luvanex will take care of all closing costs.


One of the most creative options we offer homeowners looking to sell immediately is the choice called “Owner Financing”. It simply means selling your house ‘as is’ to an investor who would purchase it from you as an investment property. There are two scenarios this can work:

*If the property is already paid off by you, we’ll have our attorneys draw up an agreement to specify the terms at which you are to receive monthly payment for the property. In essence, you assume the position of a bank and a lump sum is paid up-front while monthly payments are made on an ongoing basis.

*If however, the property still has a mortgage, then the transaction is still carried on subject to owner financing. The investor starts making the payments on your behalf to the mortgage company, while an official agreement is executed to protect both parties as well as ensure the mortgage company gets paid every month. You (the seller) keep the mortgage bond in your name, Luvanex Holdings acts a s 3rd party to ensure the payments are made to the mortgage company on a monthly and timely basis and you still receive an agreed upon lump sum cash payment to cover your expenses to move out of the home or to purchase a new home. You stay on title as owner so if there is ever a default, you get to keep the upfront down-payment, as well as the house. Also, none of the payments made to you or the bank need to ever be returned so it is truly a win-win situation for both parties.

The buyer may then choose to lease out the property


As a fully licensed Real Estate firm, Luvanex also offers the alternative to list with one of our licensed real estate agents. This alternative is obviously a slower route to selling your home, but you’ll have professional help to guide you each step of the way in preparing your house for showings and will negotiate on your behalf. We typically will sell your home within 30-60days under this option

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