How It Works

Step 1

You respond to our message via email. All emails should be sent to

Step 2

One of our dedicated customer support reps will reach out to you within 24-48hours to set up an in-person appointment with one of our managers

Step 3

We’ll meet you at the house and do a walkthrough of your home. We’ll gather a few pictures while at this appointment for the purposes of estimating repairs.

Step 4

A signed offer will then be presented to you within 24hrs after we viewed the property.

Step 5

Once our offer is accepted, we’ll submit the contract to the title company to do some preliminary research in order to clear title for closing.

Step 6

An inspection is then scheduled and full repairs values calculated.

Step 7

One of our investor-partners is typically matched at this stage and we review or revise the repair estimates for them to sign off on.

Step 8

Once title clears, closing is scheduled

Step 9

A final walkthrough of the home is conducted 24-48hrs prior to closing to ensure all items have been removed and house is to be delivered empty unless otherwise agreed upon

Step 10

Documents are signed on closing date, your mortgage is paid off and any excesses wired to you.

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